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Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines


Guidelines to help recreate your life and the world in which you live in a faster, easier and gentler way

An application of a powerful interdisciplinary technology of creativity to create health, inner satisfaction or whatever you desire to create

Copyright 2008 by K. Ferlic,   All Rights Reserved

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The Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines is a doorway to information to obtain an understanding as to how any creative endeavor we undertake can be done in a faster, easier and gentler way than would otherwise be necessary. Exactly how and why it can be made faster, easier and gentler is discussed in this web site and associated web files.

What is the phoenix  (Top)

The phoenix is an ancient myth describing the human ability to transform ourselves. The phoenix is a mythical bird which will build a funeral pyre out of its own nest only to rise again born anew out of the ashes. It is a symbol representing the ability of the human consciousness to recreate itself and the world it inhabits. The gentle phoenix is about a way that a human consciousness can recreate and transform itself and the world it inhabits in a relatively faster, easier and gentler way that is otherwise possible. The gentle phoenix creative guidelines open the door to making a gentle phoenix possible.

What is the gentle phoenix  (Top)

The gentle phoenix is a process that we can use to transform our life in a relatively faster, easier and gentler way than what we would otherwise experiences. Whether it can be proven to give an individual a faster, easier and gentler transformation is a question you must decided for yourself. A discussion of this issue if found in the topics "A faster, easier and gentler way," and "What does faster, easier and gentler really mean?"

The Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines and creating a gentle phoenix is based on the Alternative View of Creation and the Alternative Way to live our life revealed in the exploration of our creativity. It is to access the feminine aspect of our being and learning how to use what is symbolized in our heart to guide our actions and become free of our attachments. (More on .....The gentle phoenix is about having the heart lead)

Origin of understanding  (Top)

The concept of the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix arose during conscious journey of exploration into creativity. As a result of what was being found in that journey, there was a shift in focus to see if there could be found an alternative way from which to view and/or live life. It was a journey to look for an alternative way that could provide a greater inner satisfaction and satisfaction in life than what most seemed to be experiencing.

Such a way was found and is reflected in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and its applications. In addition, the exploration concluded that we each are an infinite creative being possessing an unlimited creativity to create our experiences and to create the reality we experience. We have only limited our unlimited creativity for the intended purpose of having certain types and kinds of physical experiences. The Alternative View of Creation and the Alternative Way to live in Creation resulting from the conscious journey to explore our creativity revealed that given our unlimited creativity, there was the possibility of creating gentle for any creative endeavor in which we undertake.

Although there is the possibility to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor, what is provided here is really more about accessing the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity and creative power and/or accessing the intention for our life and the source of our creative power in life. Then, with the understanding of the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power, we can create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we choose to undertake. The reason for this is that it was discovered our optimum creative power is available to us when our creative endeavors are not opposed to the intention for our life and/or pull us away from that intention. Hence, in only makes sense to become aware of that intention, if not aligned with it, to optimize our creative power.

What is provided here allows us to accessing the source of our being. That puts us at a bridge point where we stand between the source and the Source. It is only a matter in which direction we look and choose to travel. What is discussed here is the overall framework for a gentle transformation to transform ourselves, access the intention for our life, accessing the truth of our being and/or create the stage to have the Ultimate Accident to stumble into a conscious experience of the Source of Creation. In some ways it can be said the Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines is the compilation of the lessons learned of others as to how to make that transformation to access and/or live the intention for our life faster, easier, and gentler.

Since each of us are unique, we each have created who and what we think we are, our experiences and the reality of those experiences in our own unique way. Consequently, what the phoenix and the gentle phoenix look like for a particular individual will be unique to that individual. All that can be offered is an understanding of the creative process, the lessons learned of others and a general view of the process and its many aspects and types and kinds of issues one faces. Understanding the creative process and application of these lessons learn can help create a gentle phoenix for whatever we face. Exactly what we face will be unique to each of us. We need to expect our journey to be different than any otherís journey.

Why the need for transformation  (Top)

To create is to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced or significantly different than what currently exists. To bring that creation into existence, we and our world must somehow become different. If our current mind could support what we desire to create, we wouldnít have to create it. We would already know how to get it. Similarly, if our current world could support what we desire to create, it would already be in our world. To create anything, we and our world will need to become different. Becoming different requires a transformation of some type, especially our mind for it is key to what we experience. (More on ... the issue of mind)

What needs to be understood, is the creative process for any creative endeavor will require some type and kind of sacrifice. Since energy and consciousness within an existing creation can neither be created or destroyed there will always be the need of some sacrifice of the existing form in any creative endeavor. Some percentage of both the existing forms of energy and the existing forms of consciousness will need to be transformed to manifest the new creation.

In talking about the sacrifice of creation, we need to realize, our body does not like pain. Its reflexes and the pain response are designed to help protect us. When, and if, we learn to communicate to, and through, our body, what we feel can show us the fastest and easiest way to create what we desire. In following the awareness which lies in feeling, learning to use awareness of the body and realize the body looks to avoid pain, these can assist us in creating a gentle way to recreate our life with a minimum of pain. Of course, there is always the psychological pain we cause ourselves. We cause ourselves pain by refusing to let go of what needs to pass from our life. (More on ... the issue of the sacrifice of creation

In general the pain, suffering, discomfort and the like that we experience in the creative process during the sacrifice and transformation for our creative endeavor is a result of our attachments. Either we are unwilling to let go of what needs to be let go or we are unknowingly holding on to what should be released. The goal is to become like the wind. It is to enter an experience with no attachments and leave with no attachments at each and every level of our being. It is to only savor all that is created and experienced in any one moment. The more we can become like the wind, the faster, easier and gentler we can make our transition.

Looking to create a gentle phoenix  (Top)

There is an optimum gentle phoenix available to us in any creative endeavor. However, we do not need to do the necessary work to create an optimum gentle phoenix for any particular creative endeavor. It needs to be understood, in the same way there are layers to Creation and layers to the nonconscious mind, there are layers to creating a gentle phoenix. There are layers to what we can experience as to faster easier and gentler. We can operate as shallow or as deep as we desire. The choice is ours.

However, these layers are entwined, interconnected and interlinked. Analogously, moving through the layers to create an optimum gentle phoenix is like pealing the layers of an onion. Or, we may find ourselves spiraling around as if we are going around in circles. The more of them we address the deeper we go spiraling around downward into the depths of our nonconscious mind. But, in doing so, we seem to move spiraling upward into an enlightenment as to how we create our experiences. But we have to allow ourselves to become enlightened about the creative/creation process and the role of Physical Creation in our creative endeavors to do it. In the awareness we gain, our world changes and we become different.

Many of these layers are about working through the various layers of beliefs in our belief structure and how we think about ourselves and creation/Creation. Because these levels are entwined, interconnected and interlinked, any action we implement to move us toward a gentle phoenix will help make our journey a little faster, easier and gentler in some way. However, the deepest level of the gentle phoenix require us to become open to feeling for it is obtained through the body and its wisdom and the awareness that lies in what we feel. The question is "What do we desire to experience?"

But a point does needs to be made here. Maybe better said, the work we need to do is not to create the gentle phoenix. The gentle phoenix is obtained in being able to surrender to the fastest, easiest and gentle way open to us and be carried to an experience of our creation. A faster, easier and gentler ways is always there before us. It is always offered to us. It is just that we donít take it. The work we do is to be able to surrender to what is asked of us if we are going to take that fastest, easiest and gentlest path. The levels we experience to the gentle phoenix are only reflective of how willing, or unwilling, we are to surrender to what is require and/or to change what we think and believe to make the necessary changes. The deeper we are willing to surrender, the deeper and more expansive a gentle phoenix we can experience. The real issue is being able to step out of mind and fully surrender to what the creative process requires for what we desire to create.

Fear and creating a gentle phoenix  (Top)

What is interesting is that it has been observed is that many do not pursue what we need to do to create a gentle phoenix. There is a price that needs to be paid in the sacrifice of creation for a person to transform their life so their creative spirit is free to create that gentle phoenix. But, usually, either the price is seen as too much to be paid or individuals are too preoccupied with living life to look to create a gentle phoenix for their life

Relative to the fear, the surrender required to create that gentle phoenix appears be the price that is too great to play and the trust in the creative process to deliver is not there to surrender. Rather there is fear of the unknown. Most have become too tied to the world they have created to cut the ropes and free their creative spirit to face the fear of the unknown. Even if the freedom of the creative spirit would give them a gentler life, the fear of what would be lost is too great.

Similarly, individuals are too busy to create the condition for a gentle phoenix. It is the old proverbial story where the woodsman is too busy trying to saw down trees with a dull saw rather than taking the time to sharpen his saw. His comment is, "I am too busy cutting trees to sharpen my saw." People tend to be too preoccupied with life to focus on what is important in creating their life and to give to oneís own needs - not narcissistically, but true to the needs.

The key to creating a life worth living and one experienced more in line with a gentle phoenix takes time. To create such a life it is necessary to learn to both contemplate our life and what it has revealed. We need to review our life to access the lessons learned to make our life and its creative endeavors in as fast, easy and gentlest way possible.

As a result of the fear and/or being too busy with life, often only three groups of people seem to really benefit from the understanding how to create a gentle phoenix.

One group is the young children only moving into life. If they learn to follow their heart and their internal compass, they will know where to go with their life and how to create a gentle phoenix for whatever they create. As a child growing up, when we are in our own truth and we are aware what give us a fullness of being we tend to know what serves and doesnít serves us. However, most of us listened to those around us as to what is important in life and did not learn to listen to our own heart and our own inner knowing.

The second group is that group that is moving into retirement. Not the old. Rather, those in their late fifties and sixties who feel they have missed something in life or they feel there is yet more to do and experience. To recreate our life to accomplish the task we have missed, we need allow our existing world to collapse. To do this in middle age is too devastating. We have families and we have mortgages. However to do it just before or after retirement is actually quite an appropriate time. As a person leaves their working life there is a natural falling away of the past identity. One can dovetail the natural change process with a rebirth and freeing of oneís creative spirit.

In this way two things happen. One is the natural stripping away process is assisted by the change in life. The other is person becomes available to start a "new" career. That is, rather than being retired, they can begin to explore the creativity they never were able to explore earlier in life. That, in turn, frees their creative spirit to move on when the time comes. It is actually very much a win-win. It also provides a way to let go of many of the regrets we create in life because we knew no other way to act and/or respond to life.

Then there is a third group. These are the individuals who at any age have a longing in their heart and they will do anything to address it. It is really about setting their creative spirit free. Since they are willing to pay any price, it does not matter how much their world turns up side down. They will do what is necessary.

The key to a gentle phoenix  (Top)

It is here in the freedom of our creative spirit we have the key to a gentle phoenix. In understanding and acting upon what is required for us to become like the wind at each and every level of being internally and externally. Is being free to let go for whatever creative endeavor we experience and free to flow with the energy unfolding to create the experience, we can have a gentle phoenix.

In this regard, the gentle phoenix is about learning to dance. It is to dance between holding what we desire to create with the passion a drowning person has for air and then be free to totally let go and flow with energy manifesting our desired creation. To do this we need a perspective and understanding about creation/Creation which allows for two things. One is our perspective allows us to be free to let go. The other is our perspective allows us to be open to feeling to discern and feel the flow of the energy manifesting our desired creation and allowing the unfolding energy of creation to lead our actions.

In regards to being free to let go, the gentle phoenix can be seen a lying on the intersection of two spectra. One spectrum is what we can do. The other spectrum is what our environment, including the individuals in our life, can support and/or do for us.

As to what we can do, at one end of the spectrum we are like the wind at each and every level of our being. At that other end we are fix and rigid holding onto everything and anything as hard and strong as we can. At this end, we totally oppose, fight and struggle again whatever changes need to occur and do everything in our power to hold onto whatever needs to sacrificed and we do so in the wrong environment.

To become like the wind we need to be free to let go and flow with the process. To be free to let go, we need a perspective and understanding. It is our perspective which allows us to understand the creative process and to trust the creative process as to what unfolds including what unfolds in the sacrifice of creation and the chaos of creation so that we can let go. To flow with the flow, we need to be able to feel the flow. To feel the flow we need to be open to feeling at each and every level of our being including what we feel in the body. We must be able to access the awareness of the body so as to know what we are feeling at the deepest levels of what we can feel.

As to our environment and what it can and cannot support, at one end of the spectrum is our environment is totally supportive. At this end of the spectrum we have the location and individual(s) in our life who give our creative spirit the space to do whatever it needs to do to fully and safely express itself. At the other end of the spectrum is an environment that provides no maneuvering room whatsoever. Here we have little freedom of movement. Nevertheless, it is at this end of the spectrum where we have no freedom of movement that we being to understand the true depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power and the power of what we hold in our mind to create our experiences. Hear again our perspective and our ability to feel become essential.

Creating this gentle phoenix is to realize that our inner world is reflected in the outer and our creative imagination  is totally under our control. Our creative imagination is only limited by our own beliefs and thinking. It is in our creative imagination that we can create the freedom to explore any and all possibilities. We can then latch onto any one possibility and hold that possibility and the feeling of freedom it can create. We hold them as the seed condition which take root and grows within us only to eventually become reflection in the external world.

In desiring to create a gentle phoenix for any particular creative endeavor, probably the most important thing to realize is that any journey takes time. The gentle phoenix is about growing our transformation, not forcing it. It is about creating a seed condition which will germinate and grow to maturity to bear fruit if it is properly nourished. How long it takes, again depends on what we desire to create and the starting conditions we face.

How to proceed to create a gentle phoenix  (Top)

To create a gentle phoenix, first and foremost, we need a perspective of Creation which allows us to believe it is possible to have a gentle phoenix. Without the belief that one is possible, we will never look to find it. To believe it is possible, it is necessary to have a perspective about ourselves and Creation that can entertain such a possibility. Such a perspective coupled with a single point focus to create a gentle transformation for whatever intention we hold and the lessons learned from others can give us a gentle phoenix. Some of the key concepts and ideas that can provide such a perspective are discussed in the topic, "Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix."

In actuality if we believe that a gentle phoenix is possible, desire to create a gentle phoenix and choose to create a phoenix experience, we only need to set an intention to create such an experience and hold that desire with a deep passion and single point focus. If we can trust the creative process that the universe will provide such a experience, we will find a much faster, easier and gentler path than would otherwise be possible. Of course, we need to realize there is a spectrum of paths available to us to take and which path we take is determined only by our own mind.

At one end of spectrum is the masculine path. It is determined totally by our mind and what our mind thinks needs to be done to create a gentle transformation. The other path is the feminine path. At this other end of the spectrum is the feminine path which requires us to surrender to the flow of energy our intention creates through the intention we hold. Then of course, there is a variety of paths that are a mixture of the two that lies between the two extremes. This mixture gives rise to a third path we can take that is based on how free or not free our mind is to let go. The question is, "What path do we choose to take and is there a difference in the paths such that one path provides the possibility for an optimum gentle phoenix?" The path we take is our choice. But, there is a choice that can result in the optimum gentle phoenix.

For reasons that are discussed, the optimum gentle phoenix lies at the extreme end of the feminine path. Most cannot access that optimum gentle phoenix. Yet it is always open to us if we choose to take it.

The approach use in the Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines is that all creative endeavors follow the same essential creative process. In understanding the creative process and accessing the depth of our creative ability and creative power, we have all the tool we need to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor. Hence the approach here is two fold.

One part is to provide the information and lessons learned that have been made available from the exploration of our creativity to understand the creative process and how we create our experiences and create the reality of those experiences. This information is provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material. Exploring this material is probably best started with reviewing the topic, "Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix."

The second part of the approach is to provide the information and lessons learned as to how to access the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power in as fast, easy and gentle way as was found. Then, in that awareness, we will know what to do for any given situation. The second part of the approach being is the topic, "Creating a Gentle Phoenix."

We are, of course, free to use any and all of the information in however way that we choose. The recommendation is to hold our creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. Then do what we are lead to do by our mind or our heart holding to these two recommendations..

Why a gentle phoenix is possible, not guaranteed (Top)

Before moving on, it needs to be understood, a gentle phoenix is not guaranteed even though the physics of the creation process allows it. The reason for this is that we tend to stand in our own way by, and through, our attachments. In particular, the attachments our mind has to what it thinks and believes. As we can come to ultimately see, if we so choose to see, we are the consciousness within, or behind, Creation experiencing its creation/Creation. We do so by forgetting this fact and forgetting how we created our experiences and attach ourselves to a particular way of viewing and/or experiencing creation/Creation.. We allow ourselves to become lost in Creation for the sake of the experience of our creation/Creation. The question is are we willing to let go of what we think and believe to find ourselves and what creative ability and creative power is inherent to who we are.

The next step  (Top)

The next step in the approach taken here is found in the topic "Creating a Gentle Phoenix."

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